Bachelorette Party Decorations and Penis Balloons

Naughty Toilet Paper- A Must Have!
Naughty Toilet Paper is one of the greatest products to use at a bachelorette party.
Price: $4.49
Penis Soap - Actually, Penis-Shaped Soap
The Penis Soap is vanilla scented, light pink and about 3 inches long.
Price: $2.99
Silver Bachelorette Party Banner
It's cute and silver, with big pink kiss marks, martini glasses, and letters that say, "Bachelorette Party". Over 4 yards long.
Price: $3.49
To add a festive air to the bachelorette party, don't forget the decorations! If the bachelorette party is being held at a bar or hall, the host should arrive early and decorate the space. Don't forget to have a host table containing the wrapped party favors and prizes. For a home party, festive party lights can be strung from the walls, with hanging balloons all around.

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