Bachelorette Party Games - Gift That Keeps On Giving

Bachelorette Party Games: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
These party games will keep your guests entertained and your bride-to-be laughing. Some of the following games will result in the bachelorette earning prizes. Others will prepare her for her wedding and future marriage. Either way, these activities will be a bonding experience for those that attend the party.

Advice for the Bride
Cut construction paper into small heart and attach pipe cleaners or sticks to each of them. Hand these out to all of the guests with a pens and ask each person to write advice for the bride. For example, I would write, "Never go to bed mad. Place the completed hearts in a vase and ask the bride to read them aloud. This is a great keepsake for the bride.

The Apron Game
Buy an apron and have the bridal party buy lots of utensils to pin on the apron. Make these items practical and include a couple of things the bride-to-be would never think of buying until she needs them. Pin all of the items on the apron. Have the bride wear the apron in front of all of the guests. Have her walk around the room for about 2 minutes. Then have the bride go into another room and have the guests try to list as many things as they can remember seeing pinned to the bride-to-bes apron. The person who can name the most wins! Then, tell the bride-to-be she gets to keep the apron!

Kitchen Shower Game
Either purchase an assortment of kitchen utensils or use what you can find in yours. Attach a cord or ribbon to each one. Let guests decorate the bride-to-be with these things she will need to become familiar with. They can be creative about where they hang these on her body. She should 'wear' these for a while at least, and then have her picture taken. If the items were purchased, they can be given to the bride-to-be.

Pass The Bouquet
Pass a bridal bouquet around the room while music plays. You can use the Bachelorette Party Music CD found in our Party Decorations section. The party guests should pass the bouquet around until the music stops. The person caught with the bouquet when music stops should have a seat. The last person standing is the winner.

Hunk In A Balloon
Take 25 balloons (more or less, depending on the amount of guests invited) and put either a picture and/or description of types man inside the balloons, including one picture of the groom. After the balloons have been blown up and passed around, each guest pops her balloon one who finds the groom is the winner!

Balloon Questions
Put questions in about 10 blown up balloons. These questions should be really personal or embarrassing. When the bride-to-be gets it wrong, she should down a shot of brandy or whatever mixture is made up for her.

Feel The Groom
Have the groom and 3 or 4 males come to the shower for a few minutes. Blindfold the bride, have the guys roll up their pants legs to the knee, and the bride must feel each leg until she can tell who is her man. This ends up being very funny.

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