Bachelorette Party Gifts - Gag Gifts For The Bachelorette

A Candy Bra
Use the Candy Bra as a naughty Suck For a Buck game or as a gag gift for the bachelorette and her hubby to enjoy. Purchase it in complete privacy at
Price: $10.99
Tickle His Pickle - A Book of Penis-Pleasing Pointers
After reading this book, you too can be a penis genius--and your man will love you for it.
Price: $17.99
MiPole Professional Dance Pole
The MiPole Stripper Pole is our favorite stripper pole.
Price: $134.99
Many of these gifts will make your bachelorette laugh, and some may make her shriek with delight. Save the china set for the wedding and bring something naughty to her bachelorette party.