was one of the first bachelorette party stores online. We began in 1999 and we are proud to offer the largest selection of bachelorette party items. Items that you will be excited to show your friends and then not tell anyone about. We won't tell anyone either. Afterall, Bachelorette Parties is a division of PriveCo, the world's most private company.
A Division of PriveCo Inc.
510 E. 10 Mile Rd.
Hazel Park, MI 48030

Ph: 1-248-744-3580
Toll Free: 1-800-809-0610


Payment Methods and Sales Tax:

We are very pleased to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB / Diners Club cards. Unfortunately we cannot accept personal checks.

Sales tax is charged for Michigan residents only. The rate is 6% by law. The site will use your address to determine if tax should be applied and will do so for Michigan residents.


Shipping costs are calculated using the weight of the products purchased and the U.S. Postal Service shipping tables. The site will calculate your shipping costs for you automatically based on shipping weights.

Information Sharing:

We will not share any information about our clients. By giving us your name, address, and credit card information to us, you are entrusting us. We take this trust very seriously. is operated by PriveCo - The World's Most Private Company. As such, it is covered by a comprehensive privacy policy. Your information will not be sold or shared with anyone.

  • We will not sell your information to any mailing lists. Other companies can get 5 cents for each persons customer information. We don't think selling your name to a company that will send you junk mail is worth a nickel.
  • We will not mail you unwanted information. If you request it, we will e-mail you a copy of your order. After your order is filled, you will not hear from us again. Otherwise we will not send you any e-mail. Instead, we will keep busy filling orders and marketing our store.
  • We will not give out your e-mail address. Although we have a cookie that monitors who enters our site (we use it to serve repeat customers) we promise not to use the information for anything other than tracking.
  • We maintain the most secure online transaction process possible. We use the Strongarm secure server, in our opinion, technically the best product. It supports industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption. This product is so secure, it cannot be exported. We trust our transaction to it. We hope you will also.
  • We will maintain security of our systems and information.
  • We hope that we can earn your trust and we look forward to making you a satisfied customer.

Providing you superior customer service is one way in which we hope to earn your repeat business.

If you are unhappy with the contents of your order:
Contact us within 30 days of your order and we will either fix the problem, or refund your money (whichever you prefer). We will not hesitate to satisfy your wants when there has been a mistake in shipping, invoicing, or packaging. If these problems occur we will be quick to admit fault and to fix the problem.

If you are unhappy with the performance of the products you have ordered:
We stand behind all of the products we sell. We trust that the products we sell have been successful because they have long histories of satisfied customers. If you are not happy with the product, you can choose how you want to be compensated.

Method 1: Return the unused portion of the product to us within 30 days of your purchase: We will credit your credit card for the purchase price of the product. Through this entire process we will continue to keep your name in strict confidence.

Method 2: Seek compensation from the manufacturer: Many of the products we carry come with a satisfaction guarantees from the manufacturers. Often, these programs will refund your money in the form of a check. You can choose which one of these two methods would make you happiest.

If you feel you have been charged improperly or are in any way unhappy with charges to your account:
Within 48 hours of receiving your complaint, either by phone, e-mail, or regular mail, we will review our order database, cross-check it with our secure order server, review our credit service account, our shipping records, and reply to you. If we find any errors we will immediately credit your account. Often, if you telephone us, this entire process can take place during that one call.

For these, or any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us.
Our customer service line is 1-800-809-0610. Thank you.