Penis Lollipops, Penis Candy and Bachelorette Party Mints

Penis Candy Bouquet  - 6 Penis Pops
Let your friends know how very special they all are to you. Aw...that's sweet.
Price: $4.49
Dick Tarts
Dick Tarts should satisfy any guest at your bachelorette party. These little flavored breath mints are perfect bar snacks, or goody bag treats.
Price: $4.29
Super Fun Penis Candy - 3 oz.
Now Super Fun Penis Candy comes in a larger size!! WOO HOO!! Just in case there wasn't quite enough little penises for you to chew on in the small ...
Price: $4.99
Penis Lollipops have been the best selling items at Bachelorette Parties for more than a decade. We have a number of different varieties of penis pops. We know you will find a sucker for you. We also sell a bunch of different penis candies. Fruit flavored phalluses and minty mini members are all part of our selection of bachelorette party specialties.